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Let's find the enchanted miss

One of the oldest castles in Slovenia defied two attacks by the Turks. But he cloned the camel afterwards, in an earthquake in 1511. Its ruins will be reached after a five-minute ascent along a steep cart track.
The Adenški, Spanheimi, and the lords of Vitrinja were the forerunners of the famous Lambergs.
The Upper Middle Ages, the famous knight Jurij Lamberg, son of Žiga, the first bishop of Ljubljana, Tržič gets market rights, they build a road across Ljubelj. How they protected themselves, how they lived in the transition to the new century, what is under the ruins, a wonderful story about an enchanted young lady, a poem by Vojteh Kurnik.
Will you try yourself in one of the medieval fights? Will you mint a castle coin?
All this is waiting for you on a guided tour. The rest of the day you will have the opportunity to see other sights or visit one of the alpine pastures with traditional cuisine (to be extended)
You can see for yourself or call T: 041 767288 or info@soncebalkonce.si