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A clear river and a wealth of fossils

The river Tržiška Bistrica carved the picturesque Dovžan gorge into the rocks of the old Earth age. The people above the gorge had a connection to the valley only through the Devil’s Suspension Bridge.
The owner of the forests, Baron Julius Born, had a tunnel built. In a nearby quarry, workers found unusual fossilized shapes, fossils. Geologist, dr. Ernest Schellwien explored the rich locality of brachiopods and the gorge quickly became famous all over the world.
The tour of the gorge starts at a nice info point in Čadovlje. First you will become at the pasture, a 19th century dryer. The path leads further through the forest, where we get to know the Tarvisio breccia and other typical rocks for the gorge. We reach the famous tunnel over the suspension bridge, continue to the geological pillar and past the waterfall to the exhibition and education center in Dolina.
The wonderful world of rocks and fossils takes us far into history. The playful river between the rocks is a feast for the eyes and a destructive power during torrential downpours.